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Being the director at Cushman Scott has been a dream come true. I have spent
the better part of my life in the field of Early Childhood Education since my
graduation from UMass, and Cushman Scott has been a big part of it. I began my
teaching career here during my senior year at UMass in 1984, and remained at
Cushman until December of 1997. I had other teaching experiences in the
Amherst area, and have happily landed back at Cushman. I so enjoy interacting
with the children, families and staff here, and I am looking forward to many years
with the Cushman Community. When not at Cushman, I love being with my
family, and being outside, walking, with my dogs, or at home cooking and
gardening. I am also a Master Herbalist, and enjoy consulting with family and
friends when they ask for a remedy. When I look back, I marvel that it has been a
wonderful journey that I feel has brought me back home!