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South Room

The South Room is our youngest room and can accommodate up to nine children with three teachers. Children in the South Room are learning the basics of communication and social-emotional skills. They explore with a variety of age-appropriate materials in a way that promotes creativity and independence. The room itself is bright, cozy, and comforting. The children's artwork is displayed on every wall and surface! As with all of our classrooms, the teachers in the South Room welcome parent involvement. In addition, nursing mothers are welcome to come to our school to nurse anytime. 

Ages 15 months-2.9 years

North Room

The North Room has a capacity of up to sixteen children and two or three teachers. The classroom features large windows with a lot of natural light and a cozy, home-like atmosphere. Children in the North Room are focusing on building communication skills as well as social development. Specifically, they are learning how to interact with their peers and teachers in a kind and cooperative way. 
The curriculum, like the rest of the school, is emergent and based upon the interests of the children. The teachers in the North Room integrate movement, dance, songs, and storytelling into their daily activities. Children spend a great deal of time outside, even in rainy weather!


Ages 2.9 - 3.9 years

Upstairs Classroom

The Upstairs classroom has a capacity of up to twenty children and two or three teachers, depending upon enrollment. The classroom itself is spacious and bright, with a rich art area and two sensory tables filled with various natural and interesting materials.
Students spend a large amount of time outside, either on our beautiful grounds or hiking into the woods. Children learn about topics that interest them through investigating the world around them, reading quality children's literature, and class discussions. Early literacy and numeracy skills are incorporated into classroom routines and play throughout each day. 


Ages 3.9 - 6 years

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