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Every child, and family, has different needs, so Cushman offers a great deal of scheduling flexibility. 


Tuition is based on actual days of school that a child attends, not on a fixed rate for the year. That allows parents to select the days and times that work best for them without penalizing families who choose days that have the most holidays.


In the interest of your child(ren):

  • We request that they attend a minimum of three days a week.  This ensures that they are better adjusted to the program, have less transitions and a more structured schedule for them.

  • We ask that your child arrive at the school at or prior to 9:00am as this enables them to have some unstructured playtime before settling down for snack and structured time

See our Tuition Calculator (under the "Admissions" tab) to help determine your payments

South Room (15 months-2.9 years):

1:00- $67.52

3:30- $92.47

5:00- N/A

North Room (2.9-3.9) and Upstairs Classroom (3.9-5):

1:00- $56.15

3:30- $79.24

5:00- $98.75


Application fee of $35      (One time payment per child. Non-refundable. Due with application to hold the spot)

Enrollment fee of $75      (One time payment per child. Non-refundable. Due with first tuition installment)

Tuition Deposit of $750    (One time payment per child. Returnable in full with completion of Parent Contract)

2024-2025 Daily rates


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